Introducing four mobile friendly web apps to the Sugar Coded Apps for everyone to use!

Social Launch: A free social media checklist for content creators

Free social media manager checklist
Promoting your content on the internet is a useful, but discouragingly repetitive task. Social Launch is here to help! It's a simple interactive checklist of all the free social networks you can join to promote your content. Mobile friendly for all devices.


OCD: An official source of custom countdown clocks

Free web countdown timers to Star Wars, Christmas, Harry Potter & more. Ten categories of online timers. is a website that is becoming the internet's official source for custom countdown clocks in over 10 categories! A web app that is mobile friendly in all browsers, & smartphones, & tablets.


NetCat: The Secret Netflix Category Browser

NetCat is a free web site that unlocks over 200  secret Netflix categories of hidden code url genres & alternate choices.
NetCat is the streaming Netflix Movie & TV browser with over 200 hidden categories & genres you can access with the push of a button. A web app that is mobile friendly in all browsers, & smartphones, & tablets.


iDis Shuffle: Random Disney Wikipedia Page Generator

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iDis Shuffle is a Random Disney Page Generator! There are thousands of Disney related pages on Wikipedia and this free web app dispenses one at random for your enjoyment!


  • Sugar Coded Apps support.
  • The Newbery App is a complete check list of every winner & honor book in your pocket
  • Crochet Decoder iPhone app. Intercative cheat sheets on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Walt Disney World Souvenir Shop Assistant app for iPhone.
  • Free web app interent countdown date clock timers in many categories.


We are makers of Crochet Decoder. The popular iPhone & iPad app that has over 12,000 Pins on Pinterest!

Crochet Decoder HD iPad App Cheat Sheets right on your iPad
Crochet Decoder iPhone App. Crochet Chhet Sheets on your iPhone.
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